Paula Delgado-Kling takes us to her homeland, Colombia, where she finds answers to the country’s drug wars by examining the life of Leonor, a former child soldier in the FARC, a rural guerrilla group.

Leonor - CoverLeonor: The Story of a Lost Childhood
ISBN: 978-1682194478

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“The author’s resulting account is visceral, a clear-eyed account of the utterly human impact wrought by war.” 
Lauren Puckett-Pope in Elle Magazine
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“Visceral reporting of Colombia drug gang trauma by a committed journalist. … . In the end, Leonor’s story has no neat resolution, but Delgado-Kling never wavers in her devastating portrait of unspeakable suffering.”
Kirkus Reviews
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“… writes with courage, deep insight and empathy about an important global human rights issue.”
Jeffery Renard Allen, author of the novels Song of the Shank, Rails Under My Back, Holding Pattern, Stellar PlacesHarbors & Spirits, and Fat Time and Other Stories.

“…the author’s capacity to bridge that distance indicates both her ambition as a writer and serves as a reminder of the utter pervasiveness of trauma that this long conflict has inflicted on Colombians.”
Emily Nemens, author of The Cactus League.